Hello everyone… I was thinking of getting a Princess Room for my daughters for our next trip. My question is does anyone know if there are regular rooms close to these rooms? In the same building? We book two rooms as the girls are older and need the extra bathroom etc. They are 20 and 16 so they are ok I just still like to be close to them…the 20 year old has extreme anxiety disorder. I have to say the Disney magic works on her though it’s the only place she will go on her own and get on and off buses alone etc. She has such confidence there! Sorry TMI I guess. Thank you! Pam

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There would be regular Mansion rooms in different buildings from the Royal Rooms - but no way to guarantee you would be placed in the Mansion section. You could be put in the Bayou section.

Thank you! With her disability they have worked with us in the past and made sure we were next to each other. I appreciate the help! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!

The primary issue is there are not regular rooms in the buildings where the Royal Rooms are. So it’s not like at some different room types could be next to each other (or back to back or so forth) in the same building.

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The rooms in red on this map are all Royal rooms


You would need to be in another building for a standard room. POR is beautiful but it is a large resort.

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So even if Disney worked with you and made sure your regular room was in the Mansion not the Bayou, the regular mansion rooms are in completely different buildings than the royal ones. So your buildings could be next to each other, but not your rooms. Best case scenario.



This is a case where it’s not just a matter of being on the other side of a building or just around the corner in the hall. This is a case of a completely different building.

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Thank you all! I appreciate it. Do you feel the Princess Rooms are worth it? See I love POR and we stay there every time. I like the resort overall.


I love Magnolia Bend and to me the Princess Rooms add a little extra magic.

I think all the extra magic touches Disney puts into the themed rooms are beautiful and so worth it but they are expensive. Very expensive. If you can afford them and splurge, go for it!