Rivers of Light

Rivers of Light is opening on April 22, I believe. Does anyone know if it will be offered every evening? At what time it will start? Are there FFP for it? do we need FPPS?
When RoL is offered, how late will AK be open?
What time will the “after dark” safari rides be?

There was just a Disney Blog presentation that answered none of these questions. April 22 is not officially confirmed, even.

thanks, I will try to be more patient.

Believe me, no one is patient about this. I guess I can be because there is zero chance it will be up when I’m there. Wasn’t admonishing you, just reporting that Disney is very silent about this.

No worries. I did not take your comment as a criticism. I am just getting too worried about making FPPs. I need to let some things go. If RoL comes up for FPPs when I make mine, great; if not, I will change some of my FPPs to RoL later, or go to the show without FPPs. . Just hard for Type As to let it go.

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I think a lot of us feel this pain! I’m not even going until September but depending on RoL, I might need to re-rearrange my park days (which I just finished rearranging for F&W starting early) and ADR day is soon. C’mon Disney!

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The waiting is killing all of us! I’m there the first week of May and want to know how I’m planning my AK night. Am I staying? or going? FP? No fastpass? dinner packages?
Disney is always good at keeping tight lipped until the last second. It’s so hard to be patient

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Why do you say April 22nd is not confirmed? It was announced a couple of weeks ago.

Edited to add a link http://www.disneytouristblog.com/rivers-of-light-opening-date-disney-world/

They’ve confirmed the start date, but no info on times of shows. The predictions are 2/3 shows an evening, but not nessesarily every night, and that there will be a DP option. Disney might have named Tuskers and one other, and everyone thinks Tiffins will be too. There is differing opinion on when the FP will start, it might not be immediately. You could plan for it by making an ADR at one of the expected DP Restaurants early evening before the sun goes down, then mark off the next 2/3 hours in your plan. Also make another evening switchable, like an EP evening with no FP, where finding an alternative ADR wouldn’t be an issue. You could even increase your chances by making the same ADR’s for both nights, and then cancel one set and change to a DP when the dates and times are announced. If you want to hope for the FP option then keep your third as droppable, and plan on the assumption you won’t be getting a 4th FP until late in the evening.

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Great suggestions. thanks

Kenny the pirate has posted that the first show will be 15 mins after sunset.

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thanks for the information. Who is Kenny the pirate and where is his post?

Kenny is a blog writer (is blog writer the right term?) and has lots of info on his website especially for character meets too.


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Kenny the Pirate is an ex cast member, and an can I say “old time” liner? He has his own website and he is one of the best resources on where to find characters in the world. Does he still hold records for ultimate touring as well?

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Yes, kenny still holds all 4 records. I only hold one now though :slight_smile: I told him he couldn’t break DHS without me because my house was hit by a tornado on the day we set that record together.

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Thanks for the confirmation @BootstrapBob. I think recognizing and remembering liner milestones are important!

We shared some great memories with some fellow liners on a couple of group Ultimates. Great times with some terrific people.