Rivers of Light - worth staying late?

Is it worth it to stay late at Animal K just to watch Rivers of Light? We have two young children.
Can you watch it from further away just by standing or do you really need to line up ages before to have a seat?

Some nights there are two showings. I’ve also heard the view from the bridge to Dinoland isn’t a bad view. I personally got pretty bored halfway through the show and my toddler wasn’t that into it. We saw rol and hea with him and hea was much better (although he thought the fireworks were too loud)

Rivers of Light-even with the updates they made this year is just meh. My family agrees that it’s a one and done show. Take a night time stroll through Pandora-then head back to the pool.

Thank you

I’d skip it if you have young kids. Or even boys like mine (8 and 10).