Rivers of Light Time

Our family will be at AK on Thursday May 7, 2018. Hours on TP state AK hours are 09:00 to 21:00. But…ROL is at 21:15? Is this correct? Is ROL 15 minutes after park closing? Want to be sure, as I really want to see ROL and want to be sure my plans are in good order before going. Thank you!!!

In two trips since ROL started, I don’t recall it being scheduled after park close, but I have seen Fantasmic scheduled that way, so it’s not crazy. There’s a lot of time between now and May for Disney to tweak schedules, so leave your plan be for now and make sure it’s in good order a couple weeks out.

I have seen it scheduled after park close but that has always been the 2nd show?

Thank you. I will check back closer to May. Perhaps it will have adjusted by then :slight_smile:

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