Rivers of Light - Same Day FP November 17

This is my first post so please forgive me if I don’t have this formatted properly. I’m seeking opinions on our 3rd FPP for AK on November 17.

AK projected crowd level is 5. Morning Extra Magic Hour and we are going RD to fireworks.

Several in our party have Rivers of Light as a high priority and I would like to satisfy their wish.

Our FFP:

FOP 2:45

EE 3:45

There is only one showing of ROL scheduled at 6:30 pm.

I would like the flexibility of using the third FFP earlier in the day and add ROL FP while in the park -however seeing ROL is important to the group and if the best move is to secure a better viewing through FFP I am willing to do so.

Is waiting for the afternoon day of too risky for same day FP to ROL?

I hope this is enough information. Many thanks.


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I don’t know about same day FP for RoL but I have read in many places that getting to see this show can be difficult. Without a FP, looks like it’s very difficult and you have to arrive very early in advance which is a waste particularly when AK closes at 8 like in your case.

Have you considered getting a dining package or the dessert party ?

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The difficulty in seeing the show and wanting to avoid arriving so early is a concern.

A dining package is a very good idea. I think of that for Fantasmic and frankly the dining package for ROL got past me.




Personally, I think the dining packages are a big waste of time (my family only does QS meals in WDW, no ADRs, we just feel like eating is not a valuable part of the trip, hopefully I don’t get thrown rocks for writing this LOL) so we booked the dessert thing for fireworks at both MK and DHS and for Fantasmic too. Cheaper and takes less time, if that is better for your group. :slight_smile:

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