Rivers of Light same-day FastPass availability

I am visiting AK on Wed Nov 15… haven’t been for several years so Pandora and RoL are definitely on the list. But so are the regular suspects - Everest, Kilimanjaro, Dinosaur, Lion King show, and Nemo show.

I do have a 1:15 FP for Flight of Passage but after that can’t decide if I should use one of them for RoL. If I do, I can’t get the additional rolling FP during the day. If I don’t, am I setting myself up for a long long wait in Standby line for RoL?

Ideally, I would like to get my 3 FP with the last one being that Flight of Passage one. THEN get my RoL FP while in the park. What are the chances that RoL will have same-day availability at 1:30pm on a day when the Crowd Calendar predicts a ‘3’?

TIA, Jeff

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What about a ROL dining reservation? That’s what we did to get the priority seating and not lose a FP.

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I was hoping to avoid the cost of that…

I do have a lunch planned at Tiffin’s, but the Dining Package doesn’t get my AP discount where the regular meal does.

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I was going to suggest the ROL dining package as well.