Rivers of Light Question!

Hello all! I have been busily using this site for a while now planning our upcoming trip. With all of my crazy planning (my family thinks I’m nuts) I just realized I missed something. I did not do a Fastpass for ROL. I didn’t realize I needed to and now it’s too late! We are going to be at Animal Kingdom on Monday 1/29 and it’s a pretty low crowd day at AK (3). Do you think we’ll be able to see it without a FP? Will we have to wait in a really long line?

You’ll be able to get in standby if you get in line soon enough. I’m not sure how far in advance of show you’ll want to do this on a CL3 as I’ve never been fortunate enough to see a CL that low! But I’m sure someone here will have some good wisdom on that.

Can’t you get a FP for that once you’ve used your 3 other FPs??

Yes, you can. but they are rarely available IME

Yes, the fastpass isn’t available. I only have two booked for that day because we’re doing EMH and I really didn’t need another one for anything we wanted to do so if there was one available I would grab it!

I was there last week when the crowd was a 6. Get in the standby line 45-60 minutes early and you will get in.

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If I were you, I’d book a third fastpass even if you don’t intend to use it and then keep checking back to modify. We were there this past fall and I saw RoL FP open up during our trip for that week, so even if you don’t find before your trip you may still be able to grab one closer to the day you’re going.

I was wondering the same thing for a CL2 night the following week… do I really have to get in line 45-60 minutes early w/o a FP? We go on CL2 days to avoid doing things like that!

Can you see the tree of life awakenings from the line? Really hoping for a same day Fastpass.