Rivers of Light no longer of schedule for this Friday?

I’m super bummed. I’m taking my kids to WDW tomorrow, and went online to solidify and print off my touring plans today. ROL is now not scheduled for this Friday??! Any word on what happened? I didn’t get Park Hoppers this time, and Friday is our only day planned to be at AK, so I’m kinda devastated. :cry:

Any idea what’s going on? I can’t switch park days without losing all my good FP.

Can you switch Thursday and Friday.

Not without completely hosing my FP plans for both days.

It looks like there are fastpasses left for every attraction at AK for Thursday.

Also, has the vacation started? You might still be able to get park hopper.

I just double checked. You should be able to add park hopper at any time. I hope that helps!

That won’t help me if I have to give up my Magic Kingdom FPs on Thursday though, and changing reservations, touring plans, etc. Switching days is not really an option. We really didn’t want to do Park Hoppers. I’m sure I can still add them, but I’m not finding the idea of spending a couple hundred dollars to upgrade to PH just to see ROL very palatable as an alternative.

It looks like they are doing ROL every other day this week. Disney must be expecting low crowds.

They just opened up a Pandora preview for AK cast members & they went quickly. Maybe it’s Friday?

I think it’s been that way since they started, per http://blog.touringplans.com/2017/02/21/rivers-of-light-tips/ and plans are to go nightly starting mid-April. Beginning March 11, they added a second showing on each of the nights they happened, but of course that doesn’t help if that’s not your day at AK. In mid-April, it gets closer to Easter plus some schools are still having spring breaks, thus more crowded.

I’m just waiting for them to announce the shows for August so I can cancel my extra ADR. I hate holding on to extra’s but someone will be happy with whatever Yak & Yeti I end up getting rid of!

It was on the schedule for 8:15 when I planned this trip out, but now it’s gone.