Rivers of Light guessing opening

I keep seeing that Rivers of Light will open in April. Considering this is in Animal Kingdom. I guess it will open on Earth Day.

And i saw something that is predicting dining packages for the show.

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Just thought I would say what seems like the most likely opening.

I was listening to a podcast the other day and they pointed out that everyone was assuming that the 3 choices for the dining package would be three showings but they were wondering if it was three layers of seating- which is a very interesting thought?

That would be interesting. Right now all we can do is speculate.

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Yes, but isn’t the speculation fun!


I’m sure I read that they are doing previews 16/17th April I think for VIP / Invited guests and that Dining packages will start around June. But I can’t find where I read this. Sorry

I read reservations will be available beginning May 1 (see link below).


Funny, no reference to Tiffins?

Maybe that’s the third choice?

Maybe- but why not say it? Weird…

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Just read the post on the dibb…wonder where they got their info from? sounds promising and definintely adds to the suspense and speculation

There have been no announcements of when Tiffin’s is going to be open so it’s no surprise that it isn’t being mentioned yet. Looking at some recent construction photos, it doesn’t look like an April opening likely. June maybe…

I see that RoL is now confirmed official opening on Earth Day (22 April). This will be the last day of our 14 night trip from UK and we have BoG dinner reservation at 7pm so I guess we will struggle to see RoL debut. Any speculation about “soft opening” opportunities for us to see this great new show in the preceeding couple of weeks? Or will it have to become our reason for coming back again soon??

Hard to count on soft opening. Do you have a large group? I would bet that you could get a different BoG dinner reservation by checking often or using the new reservation finder on this site. Of course, that would probably throw all your plans in disarray! (I know this pain, I’m planning for September and my park days are decided but probably everything will change several times by the end of summer.)

I’m so excited that RoL will open in time for my May trip. Can someone offer a step-by-step description or screenshot of exactly what I should be looking for on the MDE site for the dining package possibilities? I have read on other sites that they can “see something,” and my newbieness is preventing me from understanding what I’m looking for!
Thank you!

I’m pretty excited for this also. We’re going down 4/30-5/6 so I’m hoping things are running smoothly by then. I’ve been checking the official site but so far not seeing any updates to the park hours for the time we’re there. So far AK is still listed as closing @ 6:00 PM that week.

For a little while, on an Android phone, when you went to view menus, the drop down for which menu to look at included breakfast, lunch, and dinner Rivers of Light seating. So it was basically a glitch that let us see some possibilities. I just checked and no longer see it since yesterday’s big announcements.

Yes, thank you! This is what I saw being discussed and tried to see it this morning, to no avail. Thank you!

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Currently TH is the only location that has been indicated as part of a potential dining package, so if it is handled the way F! is handled, it would show up as a separate item on the ADR list. One “rumor” that I have heard is that it may actually be more of a “ticketed event” that includes dinner, VIP seating, and a “street party” with food and drink afterwards. The same “rumor” indicated a $100-plus ticket price. It could be that both a simple “dining package” (at TH)and “party package” (perhaps at Tiffin’s, when it opens) will be offered. But the fact is, it’s ALL conjecture/rumor until Disney actually announces something…

But one thing you can be pretty sure of… This will be a very “high demand” show, and Disney will do whatever it takes to make as much money off of the demand as it can. It’s a sad statement, but it’s the way of the Iger administration.