Rivers of light fast pass

Does anybody know how easy it is to get a rivers of light fast pass as an additional fast pass after using your first 3 for the day during a high crowd level day (9) during spring break? Do they do same day drops for rivers of light?

If you get to the show early you won’t need it unless it’s a very crowded time. Interest in the show isn’t that high. That being said over Thanksgiving day when I was there it was packed.

I remember seeing a couple even Christmas week of last year so it’s at least possible on high crowd days. I don’t remember if it was ubiquitous or only there on a lucky couple refreshes.

ETA by last year I mean 2018 because how can it be 2020 already?

No joke… it is extremely easy to get a ROL FPP. The show has been under performing on attendance for quite some time. The designers have pulled the show twice trying to re-imagine it / make it better.

It might be harder to get one during Spring Break, but I bet if you do your FPP search a couple hours early you’ll be fine. If you don’t get one, show up 30 minutes early and you’ll get a decent seat.