Rivers of Light during rain

Does Rivers of Light shut down in heavy rain? If I am seeing the last show of the night and it’s cancelled,do I get a fastpass to use the next day? Just curious how it works

Not sure about the rain, but I know I’m the event of cancellation you are not given a new pass. They don’t event do that for people with dining packages. Weather is just part of the risk.

I have a fastpass for Rivers of Light. So if it gets canceled due to weather I just lose that fastpass?

Ooooo I did some research because I got curious. Looks like they now offer a window to return and watch the show if you do a dining package and it gets cancelled. Apparently you do get an anytime FPP just like if a ride was down. Since it is an evening show it appears that they let you use the anytime FPP the following day rather than restricting you to the current day. Haven’t seen anywhere if there are any attraction restrictions on the FPP.

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Thank you. My fastpass is not attached to dining. I am just going at a very busy time and haven’t seen the show yet. It’s good to know that I get a replacement fastpass though. I am hoping it’s not going to rain , I want to see the show. Thanks again

We were there in May and there was torrential rain before and during the show and it went as scheduled. We poncho’d up and toured on but it was pretty miserable. There was no lightning or strong winds, so those kind of storms may cause a cancellation.

Ok good to know . Thank you