Rivers of Light dinner package

Hi! First time posting. I made a reservation for the rivers of light dinner package at Tusker house restaurant, and got a confirmation number from Disney but when I try to add it to my plan on the touringplans.com site I get an error message saying that there are no after dark activities on that day. Our booking is on 6 May 2020. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks!

Disney’s site shows AK closing at 6pm on May 6th, so I don’t think it’s a TP issue - TP is just reflecting Disney’s stated hours of operation.
While Disney’s site could be reflecting the wrong hours that day, I would bet they failed to shut off reservations for the ROL package. I suggest you call Disney before building plans around that ROL package.

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Thank you! I’ll give them a ring today.

Spoke to Disney today and they said that even if the park closes at 6, there will still be a showing of ROL so our dinner reservation is valid. Will have to add it as a note on my touring plan :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for reporting back!
For your sake, I want the info that the cast member gave you to be correct.
I suggest though that you view that info with skepticism…Here’s the showtime listed at Disney’s website for Rivers of Light:
Here’s the next day (when the park is open until 8:30pm):
The sun sets @ 8pm in May, and it doesn’t get dark enough for the show til 8:30ish. It’s difficult to understand how the park closes at 6pm, yet Disney would run a show well after that.
The cast member’s assertion might make sense in January (when they have shows as early as 6:30pm), but I wouldn’t bet on that ROL show if I were in your shoes.

We’re going the previous week (on a Tuesday), and the park also closes at 6pm. There’s no ROL listing that night either, but there is a show listed for every other night that week and the park is open until 8 or 8:30pm each of those nights.
We’re still going to go to AK the day of the 6pm closure because we’re hoping that the early closing will cause lower crowd levels… I mean, c’mon… who wants to go to AK when you can’t stay to see it at night, or even get a ROL dining package?!