Rivers of Light Dining

Does anyone know why they have not released dates for July and August yet for the dining package for Rivers of Light?

I have been told that they don’t yet know if ROL will be running past June. They have only committed to the performance through the end of June. Most likely they will continue it, but I was told by customer service that the decision will be made at a later date probably in May.

Thank you will keep checking then👍

I suspect they are also trying to figure out if the do keep it whether it will be a Tier A or B fastpass once Pandora opens.

Yes never thought of that looks like we will need to go for 2 days instead of 1 to get all the things in we won’t to do😀 Had only planned to do 1 day back to the planning board.

Was that someone on the phone?


I would not count on anything from the call center. Most likely Disney will wait to schedule AK nighttime activities until they can evaluate the impact of Pandora. They had major issues last summer extending the hours and scheduling shows and then have very low crowds.

So do you think they will be ready to book by mid June? By then they should have an idea if they will be running ROL in July correct?

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When they said check back in May they were speculating I believe. They didn’t know when exactly the decision would be made.

Lol- the people in the call center at times do not know basic information!

Absolutely by mid June!