Rivers of Light Dining Package Pricing

How do I know how much my RoL Dining Package will cost? According to the site, for Tiffins:

Rivers of Light Dining Package Prices (Dining Plan Eligible)
Lunch/Dinner starting at:
$67.00 adults
$26.00 children ages 3 to 9

What does “starting at” mean? For some reason when I was making the reservation, I thought I read somewhere that the price was $87 adults/$27 children. My eyesight isn’t what it used to be, so I’m wondering if I mistook the 6 for an 8 or if it is indeed $20 more for the day I booked my ADR. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is more expensive because of the date: the Sunday following Thanksgiving.

The reason doesn’t matter, really, as I was fully prepared to pay the $87/$27. I am just curious how to find out what I should expect at checkout. I’ve reviewed my ADR and there is no mention of cost.

My guess is the $87 you recall is correct and that’s the “peak pricing” they bump the package up to for high demand times like Thanksgiving weekend. I couldn’t find anything definitive on pricing though. For amusement I even walked through an ADR booking of a ROL package and never saw a price through the last of the “confirm” pages where I cancelled out. Hope you get the $67, but given it’s Thanksgiving weekend, it would surprise me…

Yes, I tried to make another reservation too to see if I could price it out for the particular day, and it never gave mentioned the cost. You would think they would have the price somewhere! Oh well, plan for the worst and hope for the best!

I have been to Tiffins twice and paid $67 both times. This is what I see:

Thanks for sharing your experience here. Yes, that screen is what I was looking at too. It was the “starting at” part that made me curious. You think that part can be ignored and just assume it is going to be $67?

Wow! $67 is quite a deal, huh?! When I looked at the prices of the menu items I thought it was surely $87. At $67, they’re giving you a meal discount AND a better seat for the show! And surprisingly, the Tiffins child meal is less than the Tusker House. Isn’t that odd too? Seriously! How is it that there are still ADRs available for this package?! Oh, on the other hand, maybe it isn’t as good a deal for those on the dining plan since it takes two TS credits.

But I’m paying out of pocket and I’m super excited now!

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Try the shrimp soup - it is amazing!

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