Rivers of Light - December show(s)

Anyone know if they plan on doing 2 showings of Rivers of Light in December? They are only listing one so far at 6:30pm, but the park closes at 8pm. They had 2 last year in November.

I am wondering the same thing. But, honestly, with everything being cut right now I am not holding my breath for a second show.

They are cutting things?

The live actors have been cut from ROL, Citizens of Hollywood have been downsized, Jedi Training is closing, Pirate Training is closed, Planet Watch is closed, Tom Sawyer Island is closed, Railroad is closing. I am honestly not sure if that’s the whole list or not.

I don’t think Divine performs any more :cry:

They are cutting Jedi training? Oh no that a family favorite. Do we know when yet?

It sounds like the Jedi Training thing was a rumor and has since been proven to be a false one at that.

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phew, thank you

She’s still there. :slight_smile: