Rivers of Light Clue

There is an abrupt change of hours at DAK in the newly released Park Hours. Up until 9/5, the park closes at 11pm. On 9/6, the park hours go back to the 5pm closing. Is this a target for ROL? Possibly the hours could change? Hmmm…

What it means is that they haven’t updated the hours yet. There are many strong rumors that early Sept is the new target, so RoL could be the reason that they haven’t updated yet, but that’s all we “know”.

I hear ya, that’s wall we know. I just found it interesting that they updated the park hours last night for all the dates up until that. Could be anything, but I can get my hopes up. My trip isn’t until Halloween, so it should be up by then, right? #fingerscrossed

I hope so. I’m going October 5th - 12th.

One blogger, Josh I think is warning people not to get their hopes up because he thinks Jungle book will stop in Sep and then there will be a pause before RoL starts. He was sugesting late Nov, and that’s assuming disney doesn’t have anymore issues. Hopefully Disney already has everything sorted and it will be a smooth transition that all happens in Sep.

I would anticipate a down period to switch things over, probably at least a week. At this point, they had better run a few more times to make sure it is right before they roll it out.