Riverboat operating hours

Super random question.

If the Riverboat closes at 6 pm is that the time the last boat leaves? As in, we can board for a ride at 6? Or is it closing up shop, shooing everyone off BY 6?

We’re coming from an early O’hana dinner @ 4 on Wednesday and I’m trying to decide if we’ll be able to make the last boat or not. If I’m remembering correctly the Riverboat leaves at the top and half of each hour…

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Generally a ride queue closes at the posted closing time.
So I would think you would be able to join the queue until 6

'Ohana scurries you through your meal much of the time so I think you’d probably make it.

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That’s kind of what I was thinking too. We shall see when we get there I suppose!

I was remembering that O’Hana moved quickly once you were seated….

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