River of Lights dining package for Nov/Dec?

Does anyone know when or if dates will come out the River of Light dining package for last week of November, first week of December?


I’m pretty sure there is no “if”; they will come out - but nobody really knows when. My personal guess is that they are waiting to see what the crowds look like after Pandora’s been open a month or two to judge the dates and number of shows each week.


I’m having the same issue… Already called for Disney attendance and they did not know how why te schedulle has not been released… :confused:

thsnks fo info. I guess I’ll just have to keep looking

I’m guessing how your question ends… Dining packages and regular ADRs are two separate things. When the packages are released you’ll have to cancel your regular ADR and then book a DP; there are no “upgrades”.

Thanks figuring it out. I think I got distracted. Probably by my kids whom this trip is a surprise for. I’ll just keep checking. Ive also posted about the dessert parties but it looks like they r not out yet either