River of Light in Animal Kingdom

What do we know about River of Light? When is it opening? What time will it be? Will there be Fast Passes? What advise would you give for seeing it?

I heard it will open on Earth day. On a podcast someone said from what they saw there should be a viewing area similar to Fantasia. At onset probably no dining packages or fast passes.

Very good questions! All we think we know is that it will happen at night- maybe around Earth Day?

I heard Earth day is the anniversary of Animal Kingdom’s opening.

Thank you. I do hope you are right! That would be so encouraging.

For those who read this and who might be wondering (like I was), Earth Day this year is April 22.

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“Official” word from Disney is still “Spring 2016”. Earth Day is a logical GUESS for the reasons stated above, but it is still just a RUMOR, and I’ve seen nothing on any of the “insider” boards to give it any more or less credibility than a host of other “when will it open” rumors. Historically, opening advertised as “early in” or “Spring” can mean anything up to and including Memorial Day weekend…

But I really hope, for all of those with late April plans, that it DOES open on Earth Day :smile: