Rise of the Resistance Theming question

I thought about piggybacking off the ride opening thread, but don’t know that the question really fits there.

People say you don’t have to have seen Avatar to appreciate Flight of Passage. (I’d seen it, so can’t judge for myself on that).

Do you need to have seen the newer generation Star Wars movies to appreciate the new Rise of the Resistance ride? If so, which ones should you watch before riding? I’ve only seen a couple and don’t remember much of them. Should I rewatch or watch some before riding? If so, which ones?

You need to see force awakens or none of it makes sense.

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Well there are only 2 movies out that are part of the First Order story arc. The other new films are backstory, and the horrible three are (thankfully) from an entirely different time period in the story line and not relevant. So watch Episode VII and VIII and you’ll be quite caught up. If you want to buff up in further detail watch the originals (Episodes IV - VI). If you’re going to watch them all, I’d start at IV and work forwards.


So VII is necessary, but is VIII necessary?

I’ve seen VII, but not VIII yet (and have seen the originals of course).

My kids on the other hand need to see more I’m sure.

I’m going to binge them all again - but honestly i would probably do that even if i wasn’t going to SWGE in Feb :slight_smile: Here’s a blog post from All Ears that seemed accurate to me, lots of added info. (i hope the link to all ears is not a violation)
To get some history and an introduction to key players on either side, watch or read:[ This is minimum for characters]

  • Star Wars: A New Hope
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  • Star Wars: Forces of Destiny , an animated micro-series that you can find on the Disney YouTube channel
  • Star Tours: The Adventures Continue – Ride this attraction in Disney’s Hollywood Studios to get an idea of the galaxy far, far away!
  • Star Wars: Path of the Jedi – Watch this film in the Studios to get an overview of the Star Wars saga
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Well you seem to answer your own question. You say that you have not seen it, yet ask if it’s necessary. confused silence

(I haven’t been on ROTR so I can’t really answer you. I’m just being a star wars nerd.)

My kids haven’t seen Beauty and the Beast, Indiana Jones, Dinosaur, Little Mermaid, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Avatar, Star Wars, Mulan, Brave, and a host of other Disney films and they still love the rides and attractions…


I love everything Star Wars so I would encourage everyone to watch all 11 movies (including the new one this month)! From what I’ve seen of the ride, you’ll get the general gist of what’s going on if you don’t know about Star Wars (I mean, it’s good vs. evil and it’s pretty clear in the ride as in the movies which is which), but you will appreciate it a LOT more if you have seen Episode VII. Sounds like VIII will add to the lore but is not necessary.


One thing that I am curious about is how RotR, and SWGE as a whole, will play out after the new movie. It sounds weird to me to have an attraction that seems to be set right after movie VIII on December 5th, when IX is out on the 19th. I am also speculating wether they are going to have any reference to Batuu on the new movie to help the new land.

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For anyone interested, there is a video of the full ride here:

I have not been to SWGE yet. However, I don’t think you would have to watch the movies before going to get the idea. I think watching the movies would be a more immersive experience. Die hard fans would probably use any excuse to marathon the (good) movies.

I grew up on Star Wars and have seen all the movies, but don’t have a deep recall of intricate details. I’ll probably miss things in SWGE too.

I compare it to going to Universal’s Harry Potter areas. I didn’t read the series and only caught parts of the movies. However, I knew enough about the stories to appreciate thepark theming and get many of the obvious references.


I really like your list (and didn’t even know about the YouTube series, thanks!) But I’d suggest watching Rogue One just before A New Hope.

For those who don’t know the confusing timeline of this series, Rogue One is actually set just before A New Hope, approximately 20 years or so before the events of The Force Awakens. Even though it was released in theaters after TFA.

Also, even though Rogue One is a prequel, it’s not one of the prequels, i.e.

It’s actually a pretty great movie!


it is a Very great movie.


Indeed. I like that one very much. It’s far superior to Solo. And VIII, sadly.


I think you’ll have a pretty good idea who the good guys and bad guys are, even if you haven’t seen the latest movies and the sets should look Star Warsy, no matter what your favorite era of their movies are. Seeing the characters in person will mean more if you’ve seen the movies, but I’d feel pretty confident in saying that anyone would find the ride exciting, even if the characters weren’t familiar to you.