Rise of the Resistance Queue

Hello. I’ve been practicing the sign in procedure for the Rise of the Resistance queue to increase my family’s chances to enjoy that great experience.

I hit “Join” right at 7:00, and then hit it again on the next screen, but when I get to the screen that lists those in my party, it only has my profile pre-selected. I don’t want to have to slow down and select the rest of my family on D-day. Is there a way to pre-select all the members of our party? They are already on my Family & Friends list. Is there something else I need to do?

Any help would be much appreciated!

It will automatically select everyone who has a park reservation for that day.

And if it doesn’t, don’t worry. Carry on and then go to Guest Services or a Cm with an iPad and they’ll be able to add the rest of your group.

(They’ll want to see proof they were on your friends & family list and have park reservations).


One tip that seemed to work for us. When attempting to join the queue, try to be away from others. At the hotel in the morning, I went out to the pool and was successful. We had multiple people in our party trying from the hotel. On another day, from inside the park at 1pm, my wife got us in from the Muppet show location, meanwhile we were in Oga’s and a lot of people in Star Wars land. I know nothing about how technology, but wanted to share that tip, and don’t use wifi.


Does everyone have a park ticket and reservation for that day? I think even when practicing everyone eligible will show up, but I could be wrong. Day of, do not even take 1/2 a millisecond to look at those screens, just click join-join-join. As others have said, the CM at the front of the park (just when you walk in, over to the left) will add the rest of your party to your BG. good luck!


Yes! We had a party of 8, and the morning I got us on the ride it didn’t include me. As soon as you walk into the park on your left is guest services. They fixed the issue in seconds. Just click join as fast as u can


Great thoughts everyone; thank you! The problem I’m having with the app is not about getting my whole family to show up on the selection screen. They are all there. It’s just that I’m the only one with a check mark by my name. Oh well. I’ll keep trying.

That is normal when practicing.

Here is my successful practice:



Really? That’s great news! Thanks for the tip.

Sure, other good tips are:

If able, use a standalone device displaying the clock using time.gov (device network time can be off by seconds)

Have as many in your party attempt on their phones at the same time (they can use your log in)

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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I had not thought of others using my log in. Great idea!

Finally got up early enough (I live in the midwest) to practice. Got the “No park reservation found” screen first try (which is a good thing if you are practicing, correct)?


Can you also practice at 1PM?

Yes you can.
FYI it is much easier to be successful at 1:00 (less people attempting), unless Rise is having a bad day.

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