Rise of the Resistance delayed?

Rumors are swirling that ROTR is going to be delayed-there are several non-disney focused sites writing about this but I"m hoping it’s just click bait articles. Anyone find anyting on a credible disney site?

I have read reports too. Mainly unofficial with “sources” saying” the 13th at the earliest?

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And here I was hoping it would open two months early in time for our trip. :slight_smile:

I know that RotR is a complex ride with the different parts/stages. But I can’t help but wonder if the ride is going to be expensive to operate (meaning, number of CMs required) and if they aren’t reworking the concept to allow for it to run with fewer CMs (and hence, less cost) particularly when crowds are low.

Totally theorizing here. So don’t read that to mean I have any inside knowledge. But I can’t help but think Disney is scrambling to make up for the expense of SWGE in any way it can.

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Many disney blogs later today:

Disney insider says “WDW is reworking Rise of the Resistance to lower operating costs! Ride experience may be impacted negatively. Also, said Spaceship Earth will be re- themed to Wreck-It Ralph”


In light of this post, I think perhaps this rumor is nothing more than just rumor. Why have a press event on 12/4 if not for the opening of RotR on 12/5?


Bahahahahahaha. :rofl:

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Have heard this in a few places.

People will lose their minds!!!

I’m stocking up on popcorn :smiley:


After wading through many painful pages on a very trusted forum, what I get from the “informed rumor mill” is:

  1. There might be a small delay in opening. Dec 21st is considered the “absolutely must by” date. Some are saying good to go as planned for the 5th, others the 14th. There is no clear consensus on this. One thing that is agreed on is that it’s going to be “tight” and not to expect any kind of soft opening or even extended preview period.

  2. The current problems are virtually all caused by IT and wi-fi issues (Disney having IT issues - who’d have guessed). The wi-fi bandwidth does not seem be sufficient for all 30 ride vehicles to effectively communicate with one another, and the ride building structure has been described by one engineering guy as essentially being a Faraday Cage (a device used to shield.block RF transmissions) .

  3. There was rain/flooding damage to some of the sets in WDW, but that is no longer an issue (other than it caused even more budget overruns).

  4. There was an issue with being able to install the RFI sensors for the trackless vehicles and some floors had to be jack-hammered and redone; apparently there was bad engineering that did not take into account re-bar location. Seems to have been more of an issue in DL than in WDW, possibly due to different building codes between the two states.

  5. The ride is apparently “functional” right now, but not at full capacity and not without numerous breakdowns. One poster said that there was a virtual celebration when the ride made it through an entire testing day with no breakdowns (sounding like TT or FEA).

  6. The “story” supposedly takes place immediately before “The Rise of Skywalker”, or perhaps at the same time. I have been intentionally avoiding any serious discussion of the plot of either the movie or the ride, so I can’t say much more about this.

A caution was put out about other “news” sites. Any site that is claiming “total disaster”, “complete fail”, etc. are probably just click-bait. Yes there have been some setbacks, but mostly the kind you would expect in the development of a brand new very high tech ride system that is still months away from it’s announced opening date. And as some have pointed out, Hagrid’s coaster has yet to be able to operate at full capacity…

Again I must stress that this all falls into the category of “rumor” based on some leaked “inside info”, but it’s a group that usually “gets things right”, so I consider them to be about as good as you can get other than a official Disney announcement.


You have a lot more detail than I do but I also have gathered a consensus of similar thoughts in following the progress of RotR.

In regards to the differences between coasts with your point #4… I read that DLR being ahead of WDW in their construction had completed most of the installation work only to find it wasn’t going to work and being ahead was able to have WDW’s crew not make the same errors or the full extent of the errors (I know none of the technical lingo in this, but it made sense from where I read it) but at DLR they then had to rip out the system & are now re-installing.

And then another thing I read from a source that usually has really accurate inside information is that there was a definite factor of using cheaper components that was used to cut costs for both RotR and the Mickey & Minnie Runaway Railway ride & that the cheaper components have at the very least contributed if not caused a lot of the issues that keep these systems from being functional at full capacity all day.

I am still excited for it when it does come out, but I really do wish they would learn not to cut corners as it seems like it’s really created a lot more hassle for them than anything.

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Also the original sourced this is a recent new self-proclaimed insider with little to no track record.

The more well-known insiders, whilst confirming various reasons for the extra delays at DL, haven’t confirmed his (or her) news about a delay.