Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group Data

Looking at this too, for possible days at HS 2/9 or 2/11.

Anyone know the fastest way to find out about park opening earlier?

I have signed up for TP email alerts and followed some folks on Twitter. If hours expanded with try to adjust FP. I am concerned if they maintain 9:00 a.m. opening ROR BGs may be gone in a minute again.

It really varies. We had group 65 today. Got called around 12:25, only had a 15 minute wait before the first portion of the ride.

same. seriously, Disney, you are stressing me out!

That is my fear too!

I asked this question on lines yesterday; someone else said they only announced the changes to HS for this past weekend a few days ago…I am hoping to catch any updates via TP announcement andor blogmickey tweet!

Im doing both the 9th and 11th so best of luck to both of us :smiley:

We are nervous too. We’re going 1/27, the first day they go back to an 8:00am start time from 7:00am. Not sure if there will be a hoard of people thinking they open at 7 and show up at 6, throwing off our 7am arrival for an 8am opening. Ugh! Too much to think about.

Really hoping they are planning to move all HS openings to 7 am for the foreseeable future! They did this in AK for FOP for almost 2 years after that attraction opened, I think.

With a late attraction opening, it does not like it is going to be a good day for Rise of the Resistance


I expect most day will have a 7am opening at HS. The TP tracker will alert you within 24 hours of a change in park hours.


Can but hope as they took away the Extra magic hours for my Feb trip a 9am Start is rubbish as i if i dint get a BG i wanted to do as many as i could the hit water park come 9:30 so never mind BG the change to an hour later is SOOOOOO annoying

I was there yesterday. Very crowded in the early mornings. I’d expect a 7 am opening for months still. I got BG 82 at 7:01 or 7:02. Very busy in the early morning. Not so much later. If I had to do it again I’d go get a BG and then hop over to another park (if any are open) or back to my resort and return later. It was long lines in the morning and no extra shows or anything so not much to do if you don’t want to wait/don’t have kids tall enough (i.e. under 40").

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I’m hoping they leave as 8 am opening for the week of the 27th :joy: Going to be painful enough trying to get everyone there on time. We are going to HS on the 29th and 31st. (Everyone can sleep in on the 30th!! Its a no parks day) My only wishful thinking is that we get ROTR BG for first thing, or early afternoon. We are doing the SW Dessert party on the 29th, so would be nice to take an afternoon break.


Agreed! We are doing HS on the 29th and 30th… it’s just me and DH, but we don’t want to wake up earlier than we have to!

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Same! Hope they keep it @ 8 as well. Would make a mess of my plans! Losing the extra hour of sleep would only make it worse!


Also on the 29th!

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@SteveBloom I was BBG 114 yesterday and we were called by 3:45 I’d say. We were off the ride before 4:30. Just FYI that your “first BBG called” is way off for yesterday the 15th!

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You are correct. I looked back at the data and GB 109 was called at 3:32. This will be fixed on today’s table.


Even with yesterday’s late start, operations turn out OK. Backup Boarding Groups started being called at 4:26


Anyone know if it’s down now? Been stuck on group 36 for a while now.

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