Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group Data


Had BG 22 today. Got called about 7:35. Walked the entire queue. Less than 5 minute wait


What time did you arrive at the park?

I really would like to be able to arrive as close to park opening as possible, but with enough time to get through the gates within a few minutes of opening, if not before. Reason? I’m juggling desire to ride ROTR with the desire of some of our group to sleep in as long as possible. :slight_smile:

Our rental house is 30 minutes away, so I have to account for drive time, plus walking time from parking lot, and then security/tapstyle time. I’m not looking to get the earliest BG…just so that we end up with a BG. In fact, I kind of prefer it is our BG is mid to late afternoon (if I could control it).

We’re waiting to meet Bo Peep and Woody - if you make your way over to TSL, say hi!!

We weren’t rushing this am because we were hoping for BG 90 or so so that DH and I could ride later today. Got to parking lot at 7:13. Through tapstyles at 7:26, clicked my “my status” and immediately got BG 114 - backups started at 109 so I’m feeling good about our chances. :crossed_fingers:t2:the ride doesn’t break down today…

Still at Bo Peep

Did you get on? :slight_smile:

I got to the park at 6:30. Only took about 10 minutes to get thru security and tap in. I was bagless which is quicker. As long as you are thru the taps before 7, that is all that matters.

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Thanks. Good info. Hopefully we will all be bagless. That’s what we have cargo pockets for! :slight_smile:

So, I guess I’ll try to plan to be there 30 minutes before opening just to account for anything unexpected along the way.


We have had three days where Rise did not open until after 8am. Two days, few or no Backup Boarding Groups were called.


Random Thought, do you think the RotR crowd will drop a bit with the Disney Land version opening soon?

Looking at the last 8 days of data from Steve, if you are hoping for a BG in the 90’s, you most likely would have to join within 15-30 minutes of opening (except for 1/10 which would be like 5 minutes). It fluctuates based on how many people are in the park trying to grab a BG,

It would be nice to correlate the data with the crowd level of the park, but how CL is measured is not directly related to the number of people who show up for just RoTR and leave.

Wondering about 1/3… If the backup threshold is 125, and the last BG called is 94, shouldn’t the first BBG Called At be “not called” or am I not understanding something correctly (entirely possible)?

I don’t think so. I would assume the super hard core fans that would normally go to Disneyland, and made a special trip to Florida is small.


You are correct, no BBG were called on 1/3. The last table has been updated.

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I joined a boarding group at 7:03 on 1/13 (due to refresh difficulties) and was in group 95.

Thanks for the clarification on 1/3. I thought for sure I just wasn’t understanding what everything meant.

Do you have wait time data? For example, board group 1-10 would have a wait of 10 minutes after entering the line while boarding group 50-80 has a wait of 30 minutes.

I saw a report that a group had a wait time of 90 minutes after their boarding group was called. I assume this was a one off issue where the ride went down and they did not clear the queue. I have heard that ride reset is around 70 minutes so the 90 minute time would make sense.

I arrived at the park at 6:49am (via bus), was through security (with a bag) and tapped in by 6:57. I think I got lucky though, coming in after the large mass of people has already entered (Hollywood Blvd was quite crowded)

We are arriving Feb 3. Will Disney ever update DHS opening hours. Or will they play games like they did December and open early without notice?