Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group Data

It sets expectations. If you get a BG, you should expect to be able to ride…and if you don’t, because you were kind of “promised” you would, they compensate you. But the BBG is there to let you know as soon as you get it that there is a decent change you won’t be able to ride…and if they never get to you, you shouldn’t expect anything.

If they made them all BGs and not BBGs, then they would still make them small to reduce risk to themselves…but if they then get through everything without a hitch, how do they handle the rest of the day? Just do SB? Is it not more fair to give priority to those who were there early to get a BBG?

I think, considering, Disney is going things fairly well this way. It may not be perfect, but I think alternatives have worse flaws.


This was true for us last week. “My boarding group was called” seemed to be a get-out-of-jail-free card (as long as it was true, because they can tell).

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I’m not saying get rid of BBGs (although I am :crazy_face:), my point is that everyone’s BG should now work LIKE the BBG, no compensation for anyone. That way everyone is in the same boat. At park opening the sign-up opens as it does now, but instead of a dash to get those BGs that promise so much, why not just BGs that run for the whole day’s availability? Surely that would help with less early birds looking for worms. Do you see?

I doubt it would help. People would still have to be there early to ensure they get a BG that is likely called…and within an hour, give or take, all BGs are taken…only then, a person can’t know what the chances are they will make it on or not.

I don’t think people are arriving to get a BG so that they hope to get a free FPP or 1-day PH ticket. They are getting there early so that they can ride the ride.

I think it will continue this way indefinitely until the demand dies down…which, so far, hasn’t even begun to happen.


i don’t see how that will happen any time soon as everyone who is going since it opened is gonna want to do it, and the capacity just doesn’t seem there


The virtual que is SWEET! So much better than moving with a crowd at rope drop. We arrived 40 min before park start time, were in and sitting with coffee and pastry 30 min before 0700hrs park opening. It was so much better than standing elbow to elbow near the rope. Everyone for ROTR sat around chatting, listening to the count down voice and at 0700 hrs we clicked on MDE app and you could hear cheers around the park and ppl calling out their boarding numbers. We did not use WDW-WiFi but our providers. My daughter on Verizon got us boarding passes but my Sprint sucked, as usual. Providers make a difference too apparently.

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What boarding group did you get? Coffee and a pastry pre-craziness sounds like a relaxing way to start your day.

We were group 54 and our window was 10-12/noon. It was such a lovely way to start a park day. Oh, when we got there it was down and we were told to keep checking, if our window closed to tell them about the down time and we should be placed in another boarding group. We ended up in cue about 11:30. there are fun animations on your app too as you wait

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I know this has been asked an answered, but now that I’ve started practicing for the big day I have some questions. This morning I tried practicing from home and had the app open at 7:59, the second it hit 8 I clicked my status and still got the screen that says you’re too early. I went back and forth a few times and when it became live for me it said BBG. Yesterday I tried doing this too but had the app open earlier and closed it a few mins before 8, reopened at 7:59 then toggled back and forth. As I’m not in the parks till March I know I have time to get the timing of everything down and to prep my sister for fast fingers, but I wanted to check I’m doing this in the most effective way. Does anyone have any better advice? Thanks! Good luck to everyone trying for BGs today!

What’s been working for me on my trial runs is to completely close MDE, and then open it, and time how long it takes to open. On my phone it’s about 7 seconds. So I watch the second hand on my watch, and at 5 seconds to 7 I launch the app - by the time it boots up and I get into the Galaxy’s Edge section Boarding Groups are open.


Sounds promising, thanks. Looks like I might want to add a watch with a second hand to my packing list. I’ve seen others say they’ve been successful with a strategy similar to this as well.

We got BG81 using 4 phones, 3 on wifi and the one that got thru was the one with a cell service.

They’re saying that everything after 63 is a standby group.

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5 days away and this is not inspiring confidence a one minute window and you end up with a BBG with four of you trying :frowning: but really hope you get to ride today

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So anyone got any Guesses how its going to go on Sunday the 9th. This is the day im first trying. But its an interesting one as i think its the first day with Extra Magic Hours. All be it moved from morning till evening.

So how is the ride going to work 8-10

Im seeing two possibilites

  1. bbg people will be able to stay and ride RotR till 10pm but nothing else
  2. they just open a normal queue after 8

thinking 1 seems far ore likly an one other thoughts? or even actual knowledge

Is ROTR open during EEMH? Has it been announced?

ahhh i just assumed it would be, why would they shut it given demand

Also if its not open, why did the change from morning to evening hours, It was i assumed to stop only hotel guest getting boarding passes, where as they could have just done boarding passes at normal opening hours

I’m guessing the thinking is that if they open ROTR to morning EMH guests, it eliminates any and all possibility for off-site guests to have any shot at the ride.

Extra hours were moved to evening. Which made sense if the ride is open, less if ride is shut so EMH makes no difference

I don’t believe they are shutting down the ride for EMH in the evening. It wouldn’t make any difference…folks already have their boarding group.

Although, I can see them not planning for any BGs that extend to the EMH time period in the evening because, again, off-site guests wouldn’t be able to do anything other than wait for ROTR in such a scenario.