Rise of Resistance with little ones

If my LOs do not want to ride RotR, do I have to add them to the BG to get in the queue with us or can just my husband and I do the boarding group? How does ride swap work here?

You only need to have BG for the people who want to ride the ride. You can go the the cast members at the entrance when your BG is called to load Rider Swap (again, both need to have BG) and then can switch when one gets off. If you want to bring them in the queue with you, I would assume they would all need BG.

Do they not want to ride it, or are they not big enough? How little are the little ones? I have one son who won’t be tall enough, and I assume, like with the other rides, that one parent will have to entertain him elsewhere while the other parent rides with the bigger son, and then swap. Whereas if they didn’t want to, I guess you could put them in a BG, they could go through the line, and then just “change their mind” when they got to the actual ride.

They are big enough but they don’t want to ride.

We did RS both our days in January. The CM told us we had to ride right when the other person came off but we went back hours later instead. I was not going to make the kids wait that long while we each did the ride.

Many thanks for the help! We did ride swap and still made it for our SDD at 8:00 am!

Does anyone know how this will work when you have some of your LOs that want to ride but others are too small? We will have DS8 and DD5 who I assume will want to ride…but DD2 will be too small.

Thinking about how traditional rider swap works…we would get boarding passes…then I would ride with the bigger kids while DW stays with DD2. Then DW would ride with the bigger kids while I take one for the team.

Does that sound like the way it will work? I know my kids are dying to ride it…DW less so. If they can do it multiple times…that makes DHS a much more doable park.