Rise of Resistance not open during EMH?!

Has anyone else seen this news?
We were planning to be at HS in early Jan on an EMH morning specifically to do Rise of the Resistence at EMH rope drop. If its not open until 9am park opening aren’t the EMH people going to immed get in line at the closed ride to wait for it to open, causing a huge wait/back-up even before regular park opening?

Not sure I understand going from all kinds of EEMH at several parks including HS when GE opened, not even including Rise in regular EMH! So much for WDW hotel guest perks.

This is a thread that I started with the news:

The rumour is that the ride is having technical issues and they are concerned about it’s ability to run continuously for the entire day. It’s expected there will be frequent down time, which can last a while to re-start the ride.

As to the long lines, there is the virtual queue system in place, which they could probably use, although originally it was for entrance to GE itself. I’m sure it could be used just for the ride itself if the rest of the Land isn’t over-crowded.

I’m not going until April, but my thought is - if this is till happening - is to avoid EMH at HS altogether (which I typically do but was considering before this announcement) and just go on a regular day when I can work RD like a normal liner.

I think the only reason I would do EMH is if I had a larger group or small kids that might now maneuver RD successfully.

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