RIP Express Bus

Finishing up plans for my solo trip. Just mourning the express bus I never got to use. It would have made my park hopping on this trip so much easier!


I lament this bus going away myself. I never got to use it and what an incredible difference it would make!!! Maybe it will come back?! Wishes do come true!


Ugh. Me too. And since we are at BC, it would have been AWESOME to leave MK, cut through Epcot, hit a few rides on the way back to the hotel . . .


What is/was the express bus?

It was a bus that took you from one park to another, behind the scenes. It had set times & you did not have to go through security again. Do you could hop on st Epcot behind the scenes and bus straight to AK and walk right into the park, bypassing security.

Mind blown. Can’t even imagine

It was amazing. We used it multiple times for our trip last March. It was a reasonably priced upcharge for what we got out of it. I would happily pay for it every trip if we could.

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Sadly, with the arrival of Minnie Vans, I doubt that it will return. Even I would use the Minnie Vans if they could go backstage.

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How much was it? The advantage of not going through security again would be huge

Hmmmmmm…I think it was $27 for length of stay up to two weeks or something. Might have been $29.

AND it was reasonably priced. They yanked it just before they announced the Minnie Vans.

Agreed! That would get me to justify the cost!