Riding with one adult and two small children

I have read numerous blog articles and other forum threads concerning riding rides with small children. My question is one that I haven’t seen covered yet and it concerns the rides where there will be two small children (6 & 4) and only one adult. Do some of the rides, I’m thinking of the rapids at AK, require one adult per small child?

I do not know if I can fully answer your question, but I will answer it to make it the “latest” thread. I will admit that I stay away from Kali Rapids because I avoid that queue. I believe that ride it is a circle of seats so it is not a problem. On some rides (like Everest) if you were riding they would take someone from the single rider line to sit with the child you are not sitting with (I think- is that right?). Most rides you will be fine!

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@PrincipalTinker that sounds right. Kali Rapids has the circular boat so one child could sit one either side. (Take ponchos). The only issue would be rides that only allow two to a seat.

When we went with a 7 & 4 year old, one adult was able to go with both children on every ride we tried. I am thinking that 7 is the age cut-off for riding alone on many rides, however, we were never questioned about my kids’ ages. If your 6-year-old is comfortable with the possibility of being in a seat without a parent, I doubt you’ll have any issues. The nice thing about Disney is that there are always CMs at the entrance to the line for the ride, so you can always ask questions if you are unsure BEFORE you get in a long line!

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7DMT would be an issue. They are very tight 2 seats- no way a 3rd could squeeze in. I would suggest the only way it would be possible is the two seats together with your six year old in front of you.