Riding rides with 3 children & 2 adults

We are planning on only do those rides that are available for all of us to ride. So only the no height restriction rides. But I just heard that there needs to be 1 adult for each child. Is this true? I had planned on wearing the baby (she’s 1) and then having my 5 year old with me and DH have our 3 year old. Will that work? Or are we going to have to figure out another way?

I haven’t really heard of or seen the one adult to child rule except on rides like Dumbo where there has to be an adult in the car with anyone 7 or under. Otherwise your plan will work on the rides that don’t have a height or age restriction.

2 kids with one adult should not be a problem. 2 kids riding together without an adult can be an issue. OBTW - it took me a minute or two to wrap my brain around the phrase “wearing the baby” :smile:

You’ll be fine. I rode aladdin’s magic carpet ride this week with my 5 year old in the row in front of me and my almost 2 year old next to me. I also did Tomorrowland Transit authority in with the 2 of them. I think they don’t want you sending your 5 and 2 year old on dumbo by themselves, but if it’s a sensible plan no one’s going to blink.

They won’t let the kids ride anything without an adult, but you shouldn’t have problems with most rides. DH and I have four kids under 7, and we each ride with two. Most rides are no problem. Some CMs on some rides (Pooh, PP) may make you hold the baby faced forward, but other than that, your plan should work fine.

Mom’s panel answered my question and posted a link to TP Blog! Great info. Wish I had just searched the blog to find it. LOL!

That is so helpful! I’d also suggest that you take advantage of rider swap, if there are any rides with height restrictions that you want to ride. You could use that along with FPP to maximize your options. For example, if both of your kids (assuming the 3YO is tall enough) wanted to ride Splash and the Speedway, you could get a FPP for you and the 5YO for Splash, and a FPP for your husband and the 3YO for Speedway. Then, you could use the child swap for each for the pair to ride that didn’t have a FPP.

That sounds so confusing. I hope it makes sense. If not, I’ll explain further. :slight_smile:


Hi - I’m new to the forum & the whole concept of FPPs and rider swap. But if we have 2 adults & 2 kids, we can have 1 adult/1 kid go on a ride with FPP and then ride swap with the other adult & kid? And do the same for the 2nd ride? That sounds like it saves more time than having all 4 go on a ride at once.