Riding Monorail Just to See Resorts

I’m thinking of leaving Epcot on my third day after breakfast in France (I’ll be entering from International Gateway when park opens at 9am) to ride the monorail around. I figured by the time I eat and walk to the front of the park to catch the monorail it will be about 10am. Which monorail resorts are worth getting off at to look around (3 adults, no children) and how long should I plan for it to take? I want to be back in Epcot for lunch at the Food and Wine Festival booths by 1pm at the latest.

The GF is beautiful, if you walk around the main lobby and look at the floor there are characters all over the place. It is nice, and the Poly has a beautiful feel to it as well. I would check out both more.

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I agree with @Jedilogray - definitely check out GF and Poly. IMO you can see enough of the CR when you pass through it in the Monorail, so you can drop it if you are running short on time.

A friend told me they went on a tour of the Wilderness Lodge hotel public areas while visiting Disney last year where a CM walks around with you and explains the history, but I can’t find any info about that on the Disney website. Has anyone done this at the GF or Poly before? How do you know what time to show up or do you call the hotel directly and make a reservation? Any insight would be appreciated!

Here is s TP Blog post on the WL tours http://blog.touringplans.com/2014/07/27/disney-free-wilderness-lodge-tour. AFAIK neither GF or Poly do similar tours.

I think that the only other place I have heard of that tour is Boardwalk. I agree about GF and the Poly, but I would also say that Wilderness Lodge (though not on the monorail, you’ll have to take a boat) is worth a look. The only other thing that I would suggest is that instead of doing it in the morning, do it in the evening and get drinks and apps at the resorts. The monorail crawl is SO fun.

We visit the Poly every trip. Love it!

I try to always make a stop at poly… For pork nachos!!! Yum yum hahaha!!!

Animal Kingdom Lodge also has a nice tour, plus some other cool things like special gizmos to see animals @nite. Did the tour few yrs ago, was very small group, very nice tour. Gave us some items to sample @Jilko, no charge.

Always nice to stop in there, beautiful hotel.

If one did tour of WL, “tour” Poly, tour AKL, tour BW , of course all of that would be a full day.