Riding Everest multiple times at AK

Heading to Disney next week, my daughter says she really wants to ride Everest 5 times like we did when we were there 2 years ago. I made a customized TP with this starting at 9 am and it is telling me we should be able to ride many times within an hour. Our AK day is also EMH but we are off property. Is this really possible to get that many rides in so quickly? I don’t want to let her down and I’m not sure if getting there at 9 am will get her the multiple rides she is asking for.

I went March of 2015 during EMH. We rode EE three times in probably the first 25min we were there. Then we went to another ride. You should be able to ride it a lot. Not sure how it will be after EMH though.

How do you feel about single rider? I rode it four times in April at 2:00 in about 45 minutes.

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Go with the flow - make it your priority - keep the app handy. You may or may not. Our kids sometimes want to do a ride multiple times (so do I) we just evaluate the situation. Do you REALLY want to wait 45 minutes - the answer is usually no and we move onto something else.

Is the goal to ride it 5 times or is the goal to have fun

My goal is of course to have fun. Kids are not always so rational. Would it be better to pick a day without EMH? She is so funny, she talks about riding it over and over. I think we must have just been lucky the last time. It was an afternoon in Oct and a bit rainy.

Ok…I’m adding this to my plan too. I love rides like this

oh my goodness - going in two weeks and hoping I can survive once. We are in our late 50s and haven’t been in 7 years. I did love Everest 7 years ago, but wondering what 7 years added plus getting two children through college in that time does to a person :slight_smile:, but I’ll give it the old COLLEGE try - pun intended. good luck I love the enthusiasm of your daughter

I am 55 and my last trip my 24 year old son gave up after 5 times in a row! I love that ride but I really need to find someone that can keep up with me :wink:


I used to love HORIZONS - I would ride that time after time after time.