Riding during fireworks

has anyone been on the rides at mk during wishes? are there long lines? is it hard to get around?

I love riding Big Thunder with Wishes flying overhead! The crowds are usually lower but celebrate the magic and Wishes should be experienced!

We rode Dumbo during wishes once. It was awesome.

The parts of the park that provide any kind of view of the fireworks can be hard (but not impossible) to navigate, especially on high crowd days. And keep in mind that some paths through the hub can be completely blocked off during parade and fireworks, so I would try to be in the area of the park where you want to ride before that happens. But the lines are usually shorter by that time of the evening, and as other posters mentioned, it’s a really cool experience riding some of these rides, like big thunder or Astro orbiter, with the fireworks going off.

Just wanted to add in that we rode Dumbo and Barnstormer during the fireworks and the view was great.

We just made sure we were in the area ahead of time.

We’ve done Splash, Big Thunder & People Mover during the fireworks and all were fun with some unique views of the fireworks. In general, if you can get to the ride, I’d say lines are shorter during the fireworks as so many people are out of line to watch the explosions. But maneuvering around the park at that time can be difficult due to all the people standing.

thank you everyone. we are going in September and planning to spend two nights at mk so thought we would try this. I appreciate all the responses and advice.