Rides that require going up and down stairs

Need some help - I (tentatively) have a trip planned for December with me and my Mom. My mom is fully mobile but going up and down stairs is slow going due to some knee problems. I’m trying to get a list of rides that could require going up or down steps.
Flight of Passage is the only one I can come up with - is that accurate? I’m assuming there is an elevator option she could use, right?
Any other rides that come to mind where we might encounter steps?

We won’t be doing any of the coasters or Dinosaur (I think it has steps too)

Test track? The first one I thought of was Space but that is off your list as a coaster?

Rocky Mtn RR in MK has stairs and no elevator that I’m aware of. Flight of passage has an elevator, I’ve used them when my knees were bothering me. Swiss Robinson tree house is all stairs. That’s all I can think of off the top of my head


You might also think about getting in or out of the boats for Jungle Cruise which can be awkward with a big step down / up.

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There are some rooms on Flight that do not require stairs. I’m sure you could ask to wait for one of those if they are doing the stairs ones when you get to the front.

Is there an exit without stairs too? Am I remembering correctly that they have always exited me down stairs through a store?

I excited by elevator at flight

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I don’t recall stairs from the ground level theaters, but I’m usually too awestruck to pay attention so I may be wrong.

Always ask if there is a handicap entrance it will get you through the line quicker most of the time also. You can also check the handicap online map that will tell you if there are stairs also.

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Millennium Falcon also has stairs (I wasn’t sure if this would be in your list of rides or not), there could be an elevator but I can’t quite remember.

Im thinking the newer attractions have better accessibility

yep, no coasters for Mom (we may try Mine Train and SDD, but definitely not Space - way too rough for her and me lol)

That’s a great call out, I hadn’t even thought about that :anguished:

I’m hoping this will be the case. She can do steps but she just goes very slowly so I want to be prepared!

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Brilliant idea! I never would have thought of that. This is why I love this forum, so many great ideas and insight

Mom isn’t a huge Star wars fan so we will likely just walk through SWGE so she can see it but no rides

Yeah. Like I said, I am not positive as I am usually so awestruck I don’t really pay attention. Worst case if there are stairs getting out and there is a line for the elevator, you could always let everyone else go ahead of you so your mom doesn’t feel rushed.

This is what I do if a lot of people are behind me, let them go ahead. This applies to going up ramps, as well, because that’s also rough on my knees, and I’m slow.

Most people don’t mind, honestly. You’ll get some that will rush by first chance they get, but many/most told me not too worry about it.


TSM has a flight of steps up and then down, for 2 of the 3 tracks. You can ask for the third set.


I did not know that there was a way to avoid steps. Thanks for that information. My depth perception is challenging going down stairs. No stairs would be easier for the DGDs.