Rides after MK Fireworks Non EMH?

Just for fun I wanted to see what would happen if I added SDMT to my touring plan after the fireworks show. To may surprise it showed a wait time of 17 mins. Is this possible if the park’s closing time is listed at 9? (FYI I do have a FP for SDMT at 7:40, so I’m not counting on riding after the fireworks show. )

Are you saying the park closes at 9 and you have put 7DMT on your plan for after 9? No- you cannot get in a line after the park closes. Of course the plan may be considering that the park most likely will close later- but even then I would expect a longer wait at 9 (maybe not 11)

We got in line at 12:55am with a 1am close and waited 45 min. I would expect a much longer wait with a 9pm close.

Yes, the park closes at 9, and I put it in right after the fireworks at 9. I thought there was no way that would really be accurate. Just wanted to be sure I didn’t miss anything. Thanks for the replies! :slight_smile:

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