Rider Switch with FOP

DH and I have FPP for FOP, but DD4 is too short to ride. Has anyone done rider switch on FOP yet? Do they let the whole party go through the line together and one parent just wait to the side with the kid? I’ve heard that even the FPP wait for FOP can be 60 minutes and we really don’t want to spend 2 hours waiting for a ride DD can’t participate in, but DH and I are really excited to ride FOP and would hate to miss it!

You can just get the FoP FP for one of you and then that person enters the queue to start the rider switch. You get a different FP for the other adult and DD and they go and do that at the same time so it’s not wasted time. Once the first adult rides then the rider switch will be good for the rest of that day, so the other adult can use it at whatever time is convenient (like while DD and adult 1 are seeing Nemo or something). A good strategy would be to do the same thing for Expedition Everest if you’re interested in that and DD can’t or won’t ride.

Thanks for the advice, we are in the same situation! Did it work for you?!?!

Can you use the rider swap anytime of day? I always thought it had to be right after!

I had heard Disney was cracking down on the FP+/Rider Switch thing. I heard that both riders must have FP+ or go through the standby line to do rider switch. By using one FP+ for two people, you are essentially getting double FP+s, cheating the system. They were letting it slide in the past, but I read that CMs have been directed to no longer allow it.

If they still allow it, I could get a FP+ for FoP and Dinosaur, my DH could get one for EE and Kali River. That way we could ride the big four and still have FP+ available for Rivers of Light and the Adventure Outpost Meet n Greet. This would work our perfectly because my kids don’t really like rides.

Can any one confirm?