Rider Switch Returns Time Question for MFSR

Just wondering what time frame that folks are getting to return to MFSR when using rider switch? I know you have a typically fast pass amount of time to use it. But wondered what the return times looked like. Really, I’m really even more concerned with RotR since it is a 27 minute experience including the ride. Trying to dial in my TP for January!!

I figured it out. Didn’t realize Disney had a formula for it. Just for anyone who doesn’t know, Rider Switch Pass is the Wait Time of the Ride less 10 minutes. So if you show up at 9:00am for MFSR and the wait time is 30 minutes, return time will be 9:20am- 10:20am.

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All the rider swaps we received last week (10/5 - 10/10) were valid all day (no expiration time). I did not RS MFSR, but did FoP, EE, RRC, ToT, and Space Mountain.


Rider switch pass is good all day at MFSR. Took a screen shot of mine from a few weeks ago:

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Excellent! I hope that they stay that way. The last time I was there was in late 2018 and it still had a range.