Rider Switch newbie

Okay - I’ve never used RS with or without Genie +. I need a primer and any tips or tricks. Please help!

We are doing 3 parks. MK - with genie+ no ILL (plan to RD 7D and do Space at close if our 5yo is up for it). EP - no genie+. DHS - genie+ and ILL for ROTR.

We have 6 adults, 1 kid just shy of 48” (fingers crossed), and 2 toddlers tall enough for barnstormer but nothing else.

Toddlers will be in two separate strollers - boy girl twins. I’m hoping to be able to split the group in half best we can rather than have one lone rider - or use RS to give our 5yo an extra ride on a favorite. One of our adults will have a magic band but likely won’t ride everything (too tall for some and doesn’t love a thrill).

Teach me the ways Jedi masters (currently watching Star Wars with the 5yo).

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We’re here now and did RS at AK today. Only one adult can get RS plus one additional rider. My older two boys fought over who could ride again when it was my turn to go, but those are the rules so they lived. We had a group of 7, with four adults and three kids ages 10, 6, and 3. Only the 3yo could not ride FoP. I watched an even larger group with multiple kids who couldn’t ride be told that only one adult can stay with non riders and get the RS pass along with one additional rider.

The CMs were very strict about making sure all riders had a LL before handing out the RS pass, so make sure all who are able to ride the first time have it. If you pay like we did, make sure not to pay for kids who can’t ride.


Okay so basically Adults 1-5 ride, along with the 5yo if she is able to ride.

Adult 6 stays with the two toddlers.

Then, after Adults 1-5 ride, Adult 6 goes through the LL line with one riding buddy from the first group of riders.

Is that correct?

I have follow up ideas, but what to make sure I have the basics first. Now that my sister has multiple kids of different heights, this planning has gotten a lot more complicated.


Yes, you are correct!

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Since there are 2 non-riders (and enough adults) I would think you could approach the CMs in 2 separate groups. You’d then get 2 people with the RS, plus 2 additional riders. We’ve got a group of 8 (4 adults, 1 kid over 48", 1 kid over 44", 1 kid over 40", and a 14mo). I’m gonna have to put together a spreadsheet to work all this RS stuff out!

But if you do pay, couldn’t someone else use that magic band for a second ride?

Did the people riding 2nd with the RS not need LL? That could open up even more possibilities!


Yes you can and should do this. Don’t act like you’re together if possible when you approach the CM. Just instruct them who your non-riding adult and returning adult in each group are so they can scan magic bands for RS passes.

If you are using LL or BG, it might be easier to just go as one party because you scan in as a party. But in that case at least you aren’t losing time waiting standby.

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Yes, if you pay for the kids then in theory you should be able to use that magic band to go an extra time.

As the person waiting with the non rider, I did need a LL. The extra person who could return with me did not.

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All of this is wonderful.

I made a spreadsheet to start organizing scenarios. @kerrilux you read my mind.

Click here to take a look. I think I’m on the right track?

I’m going to set up scenarios like we don’t have LL or ILL so that we have a plan regardless, but the whole everyone having LL or ILL makes sense. Two questions (at this time).

  1. If we all have ILL (except for the two tiny ones)… I’m specifically thinking Rise of the Resistance. Does everyone get to go one time and one time only, or can we still RS so that our 5 yo could ride twice if she wants to? I’m thinking about how most people will want to ride with her to see her experience it.

  2. How do RS return times go? Specifically, if we are trying to RS a ride at rope drop, can we come back for the second right a little later so that we don’t lose that time in the morning? Just thinking through how this could affect my RD strategy. In MK, ideally, we’d do 7D maybe head over to WTP or MTP so the littles can ride and then circle back for a second ride if the 5 yo wants to.

Rider Swap works the same way with Genie+ and ILL. The only caveat is that everyone who rides needs a LL. But yes, one lucky rider will get to ride a second time with the waiting adult.

You can use your RS return pass any time that day after you obtain it. However, each person can only hold one RS pass at a time. So if you have four people riding, in theory you could work it out so you had RS passes for two rides between you (two on one, two for another).

Also keep in mind that at RD they often wait like 10 min before handing out RD passes. So your party should just get in line and the non-riding adult should take the Magic band of the repeat rider and wait at the CM station with the non-riding children and obtain the RS passes on your behalf when available.

So they aren’t time specific? That’s awesome. Can you trash one of you decide not to use it?

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Correct. Although they do track how long the line is and make it so you can’t cheat and come back more quickly than the standby wait would be.

I think you can cancel one, but I don’t remember.

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One caveat is that you can only hold one rider swap at a time. So for example, if you get one for FOP and don’t use the swap, you will lose it if you get a swap for Everest.


I don’t know why but this cracked me up!

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Earlier it was mentioned they make the entire riding party but 1 ride then the last person to ride gets the RS. Am I understanding that correctly? Can you opt for 2 people first and 2 people second (only 1 non rider will be in our party, no one riding twice)

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Yes you can have both people using the RS passes wait with the non-rider if preferred for some reason (such as the three of them going to do a ride no one else wants to do while waiting). But the total number of people getting a RS is limited at 2.

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Awesome! Thats all we need!

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These two being the one with the actual pass then their +1 who either did or did not already ride. Correct?

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I think they all need to have passes, but not 100% on this. Maybe the extra rider in the second group doesnt?

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Correct (“pass” meaning RS pass).

All riders need need to have a ILL / BG / LL reservation, if applicable.


Gotcha - so they do scan two bands for one party: one who is staying with no-riders and the rider who will ride a second time. Correct?