Rider Switch in action

It has been a bajillion years since I personally have put rider switch to use. Way back when we did it, everyone would check in and the rider switch pass was set up. Parent 1 would ride while parent 2 did something else with the kids. Parent 2 could ride ANYTIME thereafter. So, what we planned was that parent 2 would ride the thing at the end of the morning while parent 2 would head back to the hotel with the kids and then catch up after riding - or alternatively parent 2 could head back to the park slightly ahead of parent 1 and kids and use the rider switch pass before we all met up agin.

Does that still work?

I’m thinking of recommending that my cousin’s family present to FOP to set up rider switch to use in this way.

Last May we RD’d FOP, grabbed a RS and then went about our morning touring. We didn’t return to use our RS until the afternoon. I don’t remember if the RS had a firm return time in MDE but our experience then was that it didn’t matter.

We also utilized RS on Slinky that trip but always used it back to back so no experience on timing there.

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I believe this works as you described, with an open-ended return time. But you can hold only one RS at a time. You cannot collect RS for multiple rides to save for doing later in the day. Others know the specific terms for what I’m trying to describe.


No they wouldn’t need to have more than the one. I just want to be able to get both grownups on the ride!

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