Rider Switch? How many FPP+?

Hi there, I was trying to figure out what to do, maybe you guys can help me out here! I searched the forum and found some posts relating to my issue, however it still isn’t clear to me and what I should do next. We will be in WDW in the 3rd week of July of this year. It’s me (Mom), DH, DS7 & DS8. I actually managed to get FPP+ for FOP (Yes I did!) However… since DS7 does NOT like rollercoasters, Pluto’s Barnstormer made him scream and cry, POC and HM were not the best experiences either, he was 5 though at the time now he’s 7 but still doesn’t like coasters, I decided to book 2 FPP+ FOP for DH & DS8 and FPP+ for myself and DS7 FPP+ NRJ same timeslot figuring I could do Rider Switch if DS7 decides he wants to go on FOP based on DS8’s reachtion etc. Of course I am DYING to get on FOP myself, so RS is defintely gonna happen. My question: can we do RS on two FPP+ or do we really need all 4 FPP+ and what’s the point of RS if you need 4 FPP+ anyways? How can I fix this. Of course no more availability for FOP during our stay. Suggestions, ideas, comments? Thanks o much in advance,

Only the first group riding need a FP. You tell the CM that you need a rider swap, and they add it to the bands of the second group riding - this would be you and DS8 could ride with you too.

The only issue you may encounter is that you have to show the CM the non-rider and I’m assuming DS7 is tall enough. While the published policy is that rider swap can be used for people who are just too scared to ride, some CMs can be awkward about it. I’d have a screen shot of it on your phone just in case.

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TY - was wondering how this worked also - my DD 8 will be our wild card - since this is our first trip - not sure how she will react to the rides - have watched you tube videos and she seems up for them but once we get there, might be a different story :slight_smile:

OK thanks! So I am good with just the 2 FPP+ for FOP, DH & DS8, and I can switch off with DH however DS7 might be an issue if he decides he wants to go? In the last case, I should have the screenshot mentioned above on my phone? Is that correct?

No if DS7 wants to go, you can’t use rider swap. That only works if you have somebody not riding - it’s so that an adult can wait with the non riding child and then ride afterwards. If he wants to ride or if you think that he might want to ride, then you need to get him a FP. You can try to get it in advance instead of Navi, you could try to switch Navi to FOP on the day at 11.01, 1.01, 3.01 or 5.01 when they usually drop extra FP, or you can use all your first 3 and then try to get it as a 4th at one of the above times.

The screen shot is for if they say he is tall enough to ride so you can’t have a rider swap for yourself as it’s only for kids who are too small.

Oh I see now! OK thanks soo much!!

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