Rider Switch for FOP?

Anyone have advice on rider switch for flight of passage? My daughter is just under the height limit :pensive:

Do we all get in line first and then talk to a cast member as we get to ride entrance or do you go talk to cast member first before getting in line? I know we all have to be there so someone holding a spot in line is out.

If you are rope-dropping go ahead and get in line, it will move fast, and when you approach the beginning of the actual queue there will be a podium where you can get the rider switch. If it’s in the middle of the day, go straight to the podium at the ride entrance.

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Thank you! If rope dropping, will we loose our spot in line to talk to the cast member at the podium? Don’t want to hold up the line, but also don’t want to loose our spot either lol

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People will move past you, but the CMs are pretty quick. You just jump into the line as soon as they get the RS set up.

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Since your question was already answered, I’ll throw in my extra 2 cents:

This was pre-COVID but I think it would still apply… When my family did Rider Switch on FOP, I sent the ‘child not riding’ with the ‘adult not riding’ to Navi River Journey while the first group did FOP. Then we switched. Gives the “non riders” something fun & close by to do.

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Do you know if this works if you get in line before official park opening?

Yes, it does. We used rider switch in August at rope drop.