Rider Switch - Can switchers be from party 1?

When using Rider Switch at DL, can some of the 3 people be people from party 1, ala WDW?

So could DD, DS10, and DS8 ride while DM waits with DD6, then DM rides again with DS10 and DS8 while DD waits with DD6?

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I have never used riderswitch, but it is my understanding that system is relatively the same. Others can correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks. The reason I ask is that at WDW, the language explicitly says that the switchers can include party 1 riders. No such language exists in the DL description.

Yes, the three people in party 2 can coincide with party 1. In theory, you could even have the same people ride twice if you the CM isn’t paying close attention or if they don’t care, which usually is the case.

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What kind of media is used to denote the RS? Does it just go on your phone or on your ticket? (I haven’t been to DL in 3 years, back when everything was paper…and we rode around on dinosaurs).

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It works exactly the same as a FP, which is to say that the CM scans the admission (can be either physical or on the app) of the individuals who are going to return in party 2. Then when they return, they scan in using their phone or admission in the FP line.