Rider switch at Sum of All Thrills?

I’ve read conflicting information. I have a 40" shorty that won’t be able to ride. The rest of us would like to ride without waiting twice. Anyone know for sure? Thanks.

SoaT does not have Rider Switch. But, if I recall correctly, because of the nature of it the kids can go through the pre-show with you, and then just stand off to the side when you get on the simulator.

Yes, we have used Rider Switch at SOAT - they give you a paper FastPass that can be used later.

we all went through together did the design then 2 rode while 1 waited with tiny at the ride arm then swapped and out an adult easy peasy.

Thanks everyone,

Slightly off topic, but is SoaT different from the Space Mountain ride at DQ? I have a little one to consider for rider swap too, but I wouldn’t want to do it for both rides if they are the same.

Sorry, but what is DQ? I’m trying to get all of the abbreviations down, lol.

Disney Quest in DTD (which means downtown Disney-- just kidding) lol

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