Rider Switch 1-hr return window?

Planning to use RS the first time on an upcoming trip. I was planning on using for Splash around lunch time. Ride once, eat lunch, then ride again. However, I just read somewhere that you must use the RS within an hour window and I don’t want to feel rushed through lunch. I’d like to do something in between the two rides to break it up a little bit, so it doesn’t feel like the “Splash Hour”.

There is a 10 minute grace period so it’s actually 1h10 for the return window. I think that’s pretty good considering it’s supposed to help people with short kids all enjoy those rides at about the same time instead of becoming an extra fast pass… :crazy_face::grin:

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Makes sense, thanks!

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I don’t believe the 1 hour window has ever been enforced - despite reports it exists there is no expiry time linked to it on MDE. You should have the rest of the day to use it. But you can’t get another until you’ve used it.


Agreed. I had an unused one stay in MDE until the next day when it finally dropped. I think if the was a true expiration time it would drop off and no longer show up.

One morning I got a paper rider switch for BTMRR and that did have an end time for 1 hour later. They did not let me use it 7 hours later


Same thing happened to me. It stayed all day when I didn’t use it.


We used RS a ton in November and we had all day to use them.