Rider Swap?


Can you combine a rider swap and a fast pass? DH and I have done rider swap before (once) on Rockin' Rollercoaster when DD was 5 months but we didn't have fastpasses. We just did standby. This year, however we have 2 kiddos. So, if we wanted to do Tomorrowland Speedway, 3 of us can do it but the baby can't (he'll be 5 months). Could we get one fastpass+ under DH and then rider swap so he can ride it with DD and then I can ride it with DD while someone stays with the baby the whole time? Or do we need two fastpass+ to do that?


Yup! Not a problem. The fast pass just jumps you past a bunch of other people in the stand-by line. Once you're up to the platform to load, your fast pass is irrelevant. So rider-swap procedures are the same for anyone at the platform, no matter how they got there.


How old is your older DD? If she is over 3, she will need her own FP+.


2.5 right now, but she turns 3 on our third day.


That makes sense. Thanks!


So, then she's "under 3" for your entire stay. You'll just need fastpasses for you and hubby.


So if she doesn't have a ticket, she doesn't need FP+. So you only need one FP+ for each ride you want to use RS on and your DD can ride with both of you.


If she's under 3, she doesn't need a ticket to the park, ergo, she doesn't need a fastpass to join you on a ride. Since she's ticketless, she'll have no where to store a fastpass (no magic band or card)


Okay! Thank yall so much. fastpass day is in 29 days so, I'm working on a tentative plan.