Rider Swap

What is the ride window for the returning rider on a rider swap pass? Is it generally same day or can you by chance use another day?

The rider swap we got last week was good through June 30 so yes, you can use it another day.

Also, the rider swap is one ticket good for up to three people. Maybe my memory is failing but I thought they previously gave you three separate tickets good for one each. I was confused and thought it only worked for one person so read the ticket carefully.

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It is for 3 people, which is nice because your older kids can get an extra ride!

It’s one pass for up to three people to ride together, not separate. The idea is so you don’t have to ride alone.

I eventually figured that out! Luckily we switched bands and used FPP so that I wasn’t alone. I read it more carefully the next day when I got another one and then knew why the CM gave me a weird look the day before when we used 2 FPP and the pass just for one person. The pass could have covered all three of us. Duh for me and I thought I knew what I was doing!

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