Rider swap with FP+ still working?

Hi, I just wanted to make sure that there have been no changes since the summer to the rider swap with FP+ procedure as described here:

-Both adults and the baby approach the attraction
-Adult A can scan their FP+ and ride
-Adult B gets a paper swap pass and goes off to wait with baby
-Adult B isn’t asked to scan FP+ in order to obtain the swap pass, and doesn’t need to have a FP+ for the attraction at all
-Later Adult B can ride the attraction using the swap pass, and enter the FP+ line, even without ever having had a FP+ or Magicband. Adult B is never scanned
-Each paper swap pass is good for 3 riders, “recipient” plus 2 others

Did I get all that right? Just want to make sure nothing has changed recently before committing to plans.

Recent experience is greatly appreciated, thanks very much and happy holidays.

My last trip was in Sept, so I don’t know if anything has changed, but that’s how it worked then

That’s how we did it in November!

Thanks, appreciated, that’s good to know.