Rider Swap Question for DCA/DLR

Hi all,
Has anyone done Rider Swap on Fast Pass eligible rides recently (in 2017) at DLR and DCA? Does it work similarly to WDW, where we were given Fast Passes to return within a generous window (I recall it being a 4 hour window). The most recent post I saw was way back in 2015, so I doubt it’s still the same. We will be two adults (both who absolutely want to hit the Super Headliner rides), and one 8 year old and 2 year old. Our older 8 year old son benefited tremendously from Rider Swap fast pass, as he got to go on every cool ride twice, and the waiting adult (the one waiting with our 2 year old) got to experience the ride with an excited, and wide-eyed 8 year old instead of on their own. Rider Swap at WDW was such a gift to us, so I’m hoping it is similar at DLR/DCA.

The main reason I ask is because at DCA (and not so much at DLR), after we secure the Rider Swap fast passes for Soarin and California Screamin, we were hoping to be able to take the little one to a different part of the Park so he isn’t cooling his heels while we are immediately swapping on all the rides. We can only do this if there is a generous Fast Pass window. If the windows are tight, then our planning needs to assume that the waiting adult sticks close to the ride, so we can swap real time.

LMK if anyone has used it recently and what their experience has been. Much appreciated.

We frequently use Rider Swap passes last time being on our Feb 2017 trip. The pass is good for the entire day in DLR and we almost always save ours to come back in the evening! So your plan for DCA will work perfectly!

Sidenote on the 4 hour windows at WDW: Not sure when you went to WDW but when we went April 2016 all the WDW Rider switch passes were good for the whole month which we thought was crazy!