Rider Swap Post Covid

Hi folks, I apologize if this is covered somewhere and I missed it. We will be at Disney in 10 days and were wondering how Rider Swap works, or is it still an option, now that FP+ queues aren’t being used. The prior process was efficient, if you needed a rider swap you’d talk to a cast member, they’d scan your MB and essentially put another FP+ for that specific ride into your account to be used within the hour.
Any info that you could point me to that explains what to do now, or if anyone was been to Disney recently there that has experience using Rider Swap they can share, is much appreciated.

Thanks & have a great day!

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Here’s a recent thread on this topic. Good luck!

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Here’s the most relevant post:

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They are actually being used! Just not for FP+. So it works the same way you are used to. The one thing I might recommend is to get someone in the line to hold your place and then have someone else request the rider swap. Because of the physical distancing the RS CM may not be at the end of the line.