Rider swap for haunted mansion

Is there rider swap for haunted mansion? I have read on some sites thst it has rider swap, but on Disney’s website it is not listed.

I don’t believe so. It’s is a slow traveling ride with no height restrictions. If you have littles that are frightened of the dark skip the stretching room and grab some glow bracelets

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The ride itself really isn’t too scary, but the pre-show/stretching room is. I have heard that you can ask a cast member if you and your child can bypass the stretching room and they can take you through a door and onto the ride. I didn’t try this with my little ones but plan to next time.

We skipped the stretch room with my son when he was 5. At 8 he loves it now, but he would have hated it back then. We just asked to skip and they led us down a path and to the loading area. I highly recommend if you’re unsure how a little one will react!

My husband and I did a rider swap with my son . My husband rode on it with him first, then they came out of the ride with a cast member who took my son and I back to the front of line to ride again.
We actually found about the rider swap on accident when my daughter became to afraid to ride and I had to leave the line with her and the cast member told me about it. She guided me out, my son and husband rode and then I swapped :blush:

I think it depends on who is working because when I tried to swap, the cast member said ‘no’.